4 Benefits of Cloud Services

Sam Bloedow
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Cloud Computing as a Part of IT Strategy

Cloud computing services are simplifying the way that many organizations are providing the technology tools and data management systems that are necessary for efficient business operations. By accessing information and applications from servers that are connected through the internet, staff can use computers or mobile devices to get to important files and software whether they are in or out of the office. Here are four benefits of utilizing cloud services as part of your IT strategy:

1. Improved Accessibility

The cloud lets you access important resources, including data and applications on the go without breaking confidentiality or risking a data breach, using devices like your office workstations, iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more. This can let you work more collaboratively because resources are available to everyone wherever they can connect.

2. Lower Costs

The cloud can eliminate capital investment in hardware, including servers and storage systems. If you plan to grow or if you have changing needs, cloud services can fexibly provide the level of utilization that you need, whether you want to scale or avoid paying overhead on excess capacity.

3. Consolidate Your Important Operations

For companies that have multiple locations, cloud computing can eliminate the need to duplicate services at each location. Employees can access a simple virtual environment with all the applications they need for work in one spot, for one flat-rate monthly service fee.

4. Enhanced Security

You can protect your important data from unauthorized access with security features that include passcodes, encryption, and user authentication. The creation of user-friendly control panels so you control who can access what data. Physical security is important in the digital world. The locations where cloud services are housed have much stronger security features than what many businesses have in place.

Cloud Consulting in Minnesota

The term cloud consulting refers to the expertise that is provided when exploring and planning for cloud services. An IT consultant can help you to review available cloud services and determine which ones will meet your needs and be compatible with your current and future systems. You will only get receive the benefits of cloud services if you choose the right solutions to fit in with your IT strategy.

Hosted Cloud Services as Part of IT Strategy

The only way to determine if cloud services are right for you is to see how they fit in with the short and long term goals that are laid out in a comprehensive IT strategy. 

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