Blue Rose & Hedgestar Adopts Modern Workplace

Ashley Chambliss
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The nature of the modern workplace has changed. Remote work is continuing to rise in 2021, and a new hybrid model has been implemented, some employees are full time remote, others are moving back into the office. With employees scattered physically, your business needs virtual accessibility to collaborate on files, set and run meetings, communicate via chat, phone call, or video. 

In 2020, employees at Blue Rose Capital Investors and Hedgestar were unable to effectively work from remote locations, including at client sites or while traveling. The office was considering moving to a fully virtual office, but was unable to work without a physical space.

Implementing the Modern Workplace allowed Blue Rose and Hedgestar the ability to collaborate and access critical files from remote locations while saving a prominent amount of time and money.

Read their story: Financial Services Case Study

The modern workplace includes implementation of Microsoft Teams which includes the following:

  • Chat system
  • File server
  • Phone and video calls
  • Online meetings and webinars
  • Business intelligence tools
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