Discovery - Business Transformation with Information and Technology

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 8/17/16 11:04 AM

Discovery - Business Transformation with Information and Technology

When You FInd Something You Aren't Looking For

A presenter at a recent Manufacturers Alliance seminar told a story that reminded me of what happens when I talk with companies about business transformation with Information and Technology. The parallel between this story and my experience has to do with discovery and the role of a guide to help someone find something that they weren’t looking for.

The story had to do with a person who was reluctant to adopt the use of a software application when he viewed it as just another way to do what he was already doing. When his guide showed him a way that the application could put a new tool in his hands that he didn’t have before, that would help him do his job better, he was all in.

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So many companies still view IT as just a piece of their overhead. They know that their business operations rely on technology but when it comes time to invest, they hesitate because what is offered is just another way to do what they are already doing. They wonder, “Is this what it’s like for other companies?” “Does it have to be this way?”

The response that I get when I talk about how our work with clients aligns their information and technology with their business goals is a little like what happened in the story of the reluctant technology user. They tell me, “No one has ever talked with us about IT like this before.” IT strategy isn’t new. It’s just that not every company that labels themselves a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is doing it. We are and it is transformational for our clients.

While I would like the benefits of IT strategy to be more well-known than they are now, it would probably change the interactions that I have when I talk with companies about our model. I like seeing that “aha moment” happen. I like helping people find something that they weren’t looking for; something that they can use to make their business better.

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