To Get a Different Answer, Ask a Different Question

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 2/13/17 2:53 PM

Which way to different IT results?

There are various reasons why business owners and executives think that they need to make a change with how they are resourcing IT for their company. It could be that IT problems go on and on. Maybe they don’t feel like they are able to plan for IT as they would like. Perhaps IT takes too much of their time. They might even think IT is fine but they have a nagging feeling that it should be doing more for their business.

The reason for wanting a change in IT doesn’t really matter if the course of action is to just get a new provider that can fulfill the IT function for the business. While IT can be considered a business function – like Operations, Sales, HR and Finance – it has evolved into something more. That “something more” can be elusive when you don’t quite know what it is, and thus don’t know how to ask for it.

The evaluation process that people use to find a new IT option often times revolves around questions that concern deliverables. That’s not any surprise if you look at the way that many companies are selling their services. You can see it on their websites – Backup, Cloud Services, Help Desk, Infrastructure Management, and the like. It’s no wonder then that the conversation pivots around products and services. This isn’t the evaluation process, however, that is going to reveal the road that leads to different IT results. To get something more from an IT provider, you have to ask different questions. You have to ask:

  • What kind of IT experience will you provide for me and the people in my company?
  • What results can I expect to get from our IT activity and investments?
  • How can IT enable my business goals?

A very different conversation happens when your evaluation revolves around these questions. Ready for a business conversation about your technology? Contact us to schedule a meeting at 855-767-2571 or give us your contact info and we'll call you.

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