Prescription for Good IT Investments

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Changing over to a new software system doesn’t usually make the news unless it has a price tag like the one that Mayo Clinic is paying to consolidate their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. The Rochester Post Bulletin reported that the clinic will pay about $1.5 billion for this project that will not be complete at all Mayo locations until October 2018.

The price tag reflects the huge scope of the initiative that also includes updates to the clinic’s network, security upgrades and a whole lot of training for staff. You can bet that this IT investment is no gamble for Mayo administrators, and that their decision to move forward was backed by solid data regarding the return that they expect to receive from the initiative. That’s just how SMB executives would like to make their decisions about IT investments.

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Is Your IT Company Providing IT Strategy Consulting?

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The IT landscape is increasingly complex and ever changing. You need to count on your IT company  to help you make decisions about how you should invest in technology, but how can you tell if the advice that they are giving you is solid? If you don’t get ongoing IT strategy consulting along with your monthly services from your IT company, you might be missing opportunities to do more with technology, not to mention avoid pitfalls and setbacks that result from making poor decisions. Whether you get IT advice from your Minneapolis IT support company or internal staff, the results of their direction will impact your business one way or another.

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3 Benefits of Information Technology Consulting

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Where To Find the Best Consultant

The word “consulting” might imply a situation where an expert enters your company for a period of time and then leaves. Hopefully, the arrangement met your goals and your business is on the road to better outcomes because of your investment. In the area of Information Technology Consulting, the consultant should never disengage with your company. The pace of technological change is fast, and consultants who know your IT framework and your business, and have an ongoing relationship with you are going to be able to help you reap these three benefits of IT consulting.

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