VoIP Improves Business Communications

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 11/17/15 5:16 PM

VoIP Options Provide Flexibility

Internet Protocol or VoIP is not new technology, but right now it is gaining popularity among Minnesota businesses who realize that their phone system can and should do more for their communications than just take calls.

VoIP phone systems improve business communicationsIn conventional systems, phone calls are made using telephones or handsets that are connected by phone cables. VoIP uses the internet where phones can be connected to broadband devices, adapters or PCs using broadband. With this system, voice is converted into a digital signal and carried over the internet. Let’s take a look at all the options that are available to make calls using VoIP.

A specially designed software app allows you to place and receive phone calls right from your PC. When deployed, the app displays a dial pad. You can dial a number using a mouse or keyboard and use a headset or speaker and a microphone. These softphones can have video capabilities to bring you face to face with the person on the other end if you both are talking from computers that are equipped with cameras. In this case you don’t even need a telephone handset. If you have used Skype or other video conferencing software, you have used a version of this technology

Make Calls Using a Regular Phone

You can make phone calls using VoIP technology with a regular phone, but for this you will have to have a service, that gives you VoIP access. That means you can call local, long distance, international and through mobile devices for a flat monthly fee and immediate cost savings. To do this your regular phone can be plugged into an adapter which is then connected to a broadband device. Some services will allow you to make calls within their service network only. But there are other services that will let you make calls anywhere.

Integrate With Your Mobile Device

Companies providing VoIP services are focusing on providing unified communication platforms that can integrate with your cell phone, as well as email, fax, video and voice mail capabilities. With employees on the go and working remotely, the capabilities of the desk phone need to be available in the mobile device. With VoIP, it’s possible for your people to be accessible and also have secure connections to company data.

The Role of Managed IT Service Providers

Managed IT Service Providers like Thriveon can help businesses with the installation of hardware and software, enabling VoIP technology and organize their communication networks by integrating those networks into their IT infrastructure. Now Southern Minnesota businesses can eliminate another worry (management of their communication systems) by outsourcing their IT services.



VoIP phone systems and business communications are just one aspect of how managed IT service providers help businesses utilize technology to achieve business objectives. Learn more about how we help companies on our website or request a meeting to explore how what we do might be a fit for your company. 

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