3 Misconceptions of the Modern Workplace

Sam Bloedow
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We are seeing an unfortunate trend, while meeting with leaders such as yourself. While the majority of business leaders desire to embrace a modern workplace, only a small percentage is attaining the benefits because of these 3 misconceptions: 

  1. Moving your servers to cloud does not mean you have a modern workplace

Moving your on-premise servers to the cloud does not modernize your workplace. It simply shifts your costs from CapEx to OpEx and in a lot of cases for a much higher price tag. Instead challenge why those servers need to exist in the first place. There was a business reason for them at one point. Is that need still relevant? Our Fractional CIOs can help you make these decisions and more to align with your overall business strategy.  

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  1. There is no such thing as an IT project, only business change projects

Too often new technology is implemented on the basis of doing more of the same by implementing the same thing, just newer. This is an expensive way to approach technology as you must constantly update a growing array of hardware, software and services. Instead, when making a technology change, start with your business first, where your business is headed and what changes are needed. From there, you can apply new technology to best accomplish those changes and retire the legacy technology. 

  1. Modernizing is easy, we think we do not need a plan

Like most areas of business and life when we wing it, not to often do we come up with great enduring results, compared to when we take time to thoughtfully plan, collaborate, and execute the plan. Newer technology is more intuitive, becoming easier to use. One major issue we see is that this has equated to companies winging it when it comes to adopting new technology in an attempt to modernize their workplace. The results so far? 0% of the leaders we spoke with have attained lasting change or realized the benefits of a modern workplace by taking this approach.  In fact, 100% have reverted to what they were doing before. 

All three of these misconceptions tie directly back to the effectiveness of your IT strategy and the plan to attain it. Do you have a strategy in place for your IT today? We find the costs of reactive IT just don't cut it for so many businesses, and it leaves you in lurch when systems break down or security attempts fail. Thriveon clients get a dedicated CIO to help guide and implement the IT strategy and lead your organization to a thriving modern workplace! Schedule a meeting to learn more. SCHEDULE CONSULTATION

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