5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Ashley Chambliss
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As a business leader, you are often evaluating how to best run your business processes by leveraging the right systems for your setup. As a business decision, moving to the cloud may have its advantages for you.

Here are five simple reasons to consider moving to the cloud: 

1. Accessibility 

With the ability to log in to a website to access your digital tools, the cloud gives a greater accessibility advantage. Hosting with a web-based application allows you to access the same tools from anywhere on any device. 

2. Familiarity 

The same applications you are used to using can be done online. With so much technology being web-hosted, there is a sense of familiarity with using the cloud to access your digital tools.  

3. Cost 

Removing the need for hardware and expensive servers reduces the cost of installing and maintaining them. When all you need is an internet connection to access your applications, the savings increase exponentially. You may decide to allocate funds toward other custom features or applications, and the cloud makes this possible.  

4. Mobility 

With quicker and easier access to your web-based platforms, they are also readily accessible from any device and any physical location. This makes remote work that much easier for you and your employees.  

5. Speed  

Because web-based applications allow for auto-updates, you get updates faster than if they were not on the cloud. Faster updates mean quicker access to the latest and greatest feature sets.  

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Cloud Consulting

 The term cloud consulting refers to the expertise provided when exploring and planning for cloud services. An IT consultant can help you review available cloud services and determine which ones will meet your needs and be compatible with your current and future systems. You will only receive the benefits of cloud services if you choose the right solutions to fit in with your IT strategy.  

Hosted Cloud Services as Part of IT Strategy  

The only way to determine if cloud services are right for you is to see how they fit in with the short and long-term goals that are laid out in a comprehensive IT strategy. Schedule your FREE IT strategy session to get the conversation started.


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