Backup vs. Business Continuity

Sam Bloedow
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The Difference Between Recovering Data vs. Business as Usual

If you think that you are immune to the costs of downtime from data loss because you backup your data, you are only covering half of your bases. In addition to having access to business information, you need to have the systems and software available to keep operations running. Below are the main differences between what is traditionally referred to as "backup" and what is considered an "intelligent business continuity" system.

Traditional Backup

  1. Can take weeks to recover data after a disaster occurs, if the data is recoverable.
  2. High risk of failure due to heavy manual administration: 58% of downtime is due to human error
  3. Difficult to test if a backup is working properly
  4. Time consuming and expensive to make a copy of, and store, backups in ultiple locations: 61% of SMBs still ship tapes to an off-site location
  5. Difficult to prioritize important data, files and application

Intelligent Business Continuity

  1. Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes, or even seconds
  2. Fully automated backup process -- very little manual management required
  3. Automated screenshots are taken of each image-based backup, to verify a successful backup
  4. Each image-based backup is automatically saved in mujltiple locations for redundance, local appliance and secure data centers
  5. Critical data can be prioritized, to be transferred offsite first

Proactive IT to Keep Business Operating

There are manysituations and IT threats that can make your business vulnerable. According to PricewaterhouseCooper, 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. Business Continuity gives your company the ability to recover information and the infrastructure that is necessary to return to business as usual. The investment in proactive IT could mean a longer life for your business. 

Read more about Business Continuity and get the complete Fact Sheet: Traditional Backup vs. Intelligent Business Continuity.

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