What if Your Business IT Services Enabled Your Success?

Sam Bloedow

Stuck in Your Current IT Reality?

How would you finish this sentence? I get involved with IT when…  Your answer is going to reveal a lot about what you think information and technology can and cannot do for your business, and your viewpoint can be an indicator of the reality of your IT situation. If you are like many other Minneapolis companies, and feel stuck in a pit with your technology, then it’s hard to imagine the ways that it could be empowering. The way to climb out of that pit is with business IT services that strategically enable business.

Everyone Gets Involved with IT

It takes a different mindset to get started down a path that will lead to strategic use of IT. Everyone needs to be involved with IT and contribute their ideas on how they can individually, departmentally, and corporately use technology to meet objectives. At the ideation part of the IT strategy process, IT needs to be a listener and information gatherer. If the IT environment is not very predictable, it’s natural for staff to start out the conversation with their gripes about how technology is not working. It might take some brainstorming before people get it that their thinking needs to move past current reality in order to imagine how technology could be empowering.

Examples of Objectives that Business IT Services can Empower

Following is a starter list of some objectives that Minnesota companies are enabling with strategic business IT services:

  • Opening of additional locations
  • Launch of a new product
  • Need for a new line of business application
  • Develop cost of doing business model
  • Gain true picture of total inventory
  • Increase sales
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Increase efficiency during time of accelerated growth
  • Increase efficiency during time of market downturn

Putting the Building Blocks for Strategic IT in Place

Strategic IT that enables business success doesn’t happen overnight and it cannot be established and scaled on an unpredictable, unstable IT environment. The most effective business IT support services are going to mesh your company’s priorities with the need to standardize and stabilize your network. What that looks like depends on your unique situation.

Many Minnesota companies, whether they have or do not have internal IT staff, look to IT managed services providers for the expertise that is needed to handle the day-to-day support, and to bring business level technology guidance that will empower people. The results of business IT services that actually enable business might just might change the way employees finish the sentence – I get involved with IT when… I want to be successful.

Not all IT Service Providers offer the business IT support services that are going to enable your business success. Schedule a meeting to explore how you can unleash your business success with better IT results. Call us at 855-767-2571 or give us your contact info and we'll call you.

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