Frustrating IT Issues: Fixing What’s Broken Doesn’t Work

Ashley Chambliss
Man with hands on head staring at laptop frustrated

There you are, taking that first sweet sip of coffee in the morning just minding your own business as you settle into your desk and stir your computer awake. When it happens.  

You go to check your email and BAM! It won’t open. It’s gone dark. If it’s not your email, it’s your phone system, your instant messenger, your ERP or other applications you need to get your job done. Frustrated, you think to yourself, “Is there anything that could have been done to avoid this?”  

Read 5 Questions to Ask When You’re Evaluating an IT Managed Services Company 

A reactive approach to IT means you’re just waiting for the next issue to crop up, and when it inevitably does, it tends to be at the worst possible moment for you. Have you and your colleagues ever experienced these common frustrating IT issues? What is currently broken in your office and has you limping along? 

Common Frustrating IT Issues 

        1. Printer issues 
        2. User permissions 
        3. File access 
        4. Password & Login roadblocks 
        5. New employees not set up for the first day 
        6. Slow speeds 
        7. Application errors 
        8. Wi-Fi Interruptions 

How do I avoid frustrating IT issues? 

Proactive Managed IT Services allow you to kick back, relax and leave the IT and security needs of your business to the experts.  Proactive means we audit your IT and align your business to 500 industry best practices ensuring a reduction in IT issues and security vulnerabilities in the first place. We build a strategic roadmap and a budget with a Fractional CIO who seamlessly integrates into your team which means these common IT issues dissolve. And your frustration does too.  

Questions to ask yourself:

Are the solutions we have today the right ones for our company? 

You’ve made the investments in your technology, and they get the job done enough. Yet there’s always something. Some issue that makes it so it doesn’t quite work for what you’re really trying to achieve causing more pain and frustration.  
With a Proactive Managed IT approach, you’ll get a full technology remodel ensuring you’re only paying for the systems you need for maximum effectiveness and dumping the rest. We make recommendations for the right solutions specific to your organizational needs. 

Are we leveraging technology the way we need to?  

With remote and hybrid work continuing to rise, technology is no longer a mechanism for convenience, it has become a necessity for collaboration among your team. You don’t have the luxury of using pen and paper, sticky notes and whiteboards anymore with digital teams. Your ability to communicate and collaborate digitally is key to successful business operations and efficiencies. We guide your current processes and recommend how to leverage systems to bring you into a modern workplace environment. 

Who’s leading the technology strategic plan? 

Do you have an IT leader at your organization? Or perhaps you outsource your IT. Or maybe you and your team just limp through IT issues on your own, hoping they go away? A Fractional CIO both gets to know your unique business needs and has the expert capability to leverage technology into your business plan in a seamless way.  

So go ahead, take that worry-free second sip of coffee in the morning, and contact us for a FREE technology audit and discussion of your IT needs.


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