Frustrating IT: Not Getting Good Guidance

Ashley Chambliss
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You already know the value of having a dedicated IT team, whether internally or outsourced. But have you considered whether the IT guidance you’re receiving is right? Is it optimal for your business and your industry? Are they following new standards of best practices or continuing to go with what they know day in and day out?  

Information Technology is continually evolving and changing, so what was true a month or two ago, may not continue to be true today. When your IT group is not adapting to the new revolutions or staying up to date with the knowledge of the ever-increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks, it leaves your business vulnerable and without a solid direction. IT is a business issue, not a technology issue. You need a solid plan in place at the strategic plan level in line with other business functions like sales, operations, marketing, finance, etc...  

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When an IT group isn’t delivering on response times, critical support issues, implementing security patches, and informing you of which licenses need to be renewed and what hardware needs to be replaced so you can budget, it prompts you to search for a new situation. You’re not receiving good IT guidance. Companies choose a managed IT services provider when they are looking to outsource the IT function of their business to an organization who has greater expertise than they could otherwise develop with the fraction of time they have internally.  

When your IT group is not laser focused on delivering the right end results, your business suffers:  

  • Issues solved after they are reported and affect your people: costing you time and money 
  • Risk is unknown: leaving you surprised by unexpected problems 
  • No guidance, leaving it up to you to figure out the most important and expensive parts 
  • Not cybersecure: leaving your network and information vulnerable to attack 

By working with a firm whose primary focus is providing a truly proactive IT service they will bring you into alignment to best practices and guide your entire technology spend, eliminating issues before they start and enable your business to do more with less. 

With Thriveon, in addition to 24/7 support and monitoring that you’ll find in traditional reactive IT models, your business will gain proactive audit and alignment to IT best practices to prevent issues from arising AND guidance and direction on an IT plan and budget to help your business do more with less. 

With our proactive IT approach, you’ll receive: 

  • Named Chief Information Officer  
  • Monthly steering meetings with your executive team  
  • Known multiyear IT roadmap, productivity initiatives, risk, and budget  
  • Guidance on all technology: hardware, software, services warranties, versions, and other important parts of proactive IT lifecycle planning and management 


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