Frustrating IT: When IT Is Just Not Your Job

Ashley Chambliss
Executive working and pondering what to do next

You may be asking yourself, “How did I get here? I’m not an IT expert.” You might have been hired as the Finance Director, Chief Operating Officer, or another executive leader of the business, and Information Technology was put under your responsibilities. However, you are running around spending most of your time trying to manage IT issues that inevitably crop up which is taking away from your main responsibilities. Let’s face it. It’s taking A LOT of your time and energy. You wonder, “Is this just the way it is?” and “Can our IT even get better?” The answer is yes! But first you will have to delegate the IT to an expert in the field. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing time, money, and security of your business. 

Get IT Off Your Plate 

The first step to getting you back to your daily work responsibilities is to delegate the IT hiccups to an expert in the field. With Managed IT Services, the employees in your company will get 24/7 access to support and monitoring. In addition to on call IT support, Thriveon’s proactive IT approach sets your business up for IT success with an IT strategy that aligns with every department and the business as a whole.  

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Get an IT Strategy In Place 

With a proactive approach, IT is not reactive. It is not a whole host of frustrating IT support tickets bogging up your employee’s time and energy. Strategic audits and alignments to your unique business’ needs eliminates the need for constant support requests. And you’ll see more satisfied and productive employees too.  

Delegate IT to the Experts 

With a proactive approach, you’ll receive a dedicated Chief Information Officer at the helm of your IT strategy implementing over 500 best practices to your processes. With an IT expert in your corner, you’ll no longer have to manage the daily operations of IT, and with employee access to our remote support center, you can get back to work on what you do best!  

If you’re in a position where you’re stuck managing the daily IT operations, yet it is just not your job: give us a call or schedule a meeting for your FREE IT STRATEGY session exclusive to your industry.  


Frustrating IT When IT is Just Not Your Job


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