Frustrating IT: When Maintaining Compliance Becomes an Issue

Ashley Chambliss
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Are you in an industry such as legal, manufacturing, or healthcare where compliance is key? Is compliance a huge stressor for your role? You may have thought, “if there is a better way to manage IT, I want to know it.” Most industries have their own set of standards for compliance, and all companies want to keep their customer and employee data safe and secure.  

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HIPAA compliance for healthcare 

For hospitals and healthcare companies in the Twin Cities, HIPAA compliance is of utmost importance. When you are extremely busy managing the requirements of your job and keeping the stressor of maintaining HIPAA compliance in the back of your head, you need a vendor who can help with passing audits and creating a secure reputation for future employees and patients.  

Technology that supports compliance 

Likewise, in other industries you find the upkeep of compliance to be a challenge and a stressor when your technology partners may just not be getting it right for you. You need a hassle-free way to ensure that compliance is met in the event of an audit. You have a fear of not passing an audit and it being something that could have been prevented, and your goal is to create solid processes across all departments to ensure everyone is meeting compliance standards to avoid fines and legal issues.  

We can help maintain Compliance 

At Thriveon, safety, privacy, and security are top priorities along with recognizing the need for ongoing audits and meeting compliance, no matter what industry your business is in. Thriveon is your strategic IT partner who will help your organization manage the compliance process. To help with that, we have maintained our own compliance in the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and CompTIA’s Security Trustmark and Managed Services Trustmark.  

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