Frustrating IT: When Your Current IT Isn’t Cutting It

Ashley Chambliss
man in tie looking down appearing frustrated

You may have an internal IT team or outsource your IT, but when your current IT situation just isn’t cutting it, a lot of issues will fall into your lap. You don’t have the time to deal with IT issues that come up and it is upsetting that there is seemingly no way to prevent them from happening.  

Your goal is to spend less time managing IT issues and processes, yet you get excited about creating better efficiencies across the board in your business. You are already responsible for so many day-to-day responsibilities that fixing IT issues is not necessarily a priority for you. But do you believe IT will just never work for you and this is as good as it gets? 

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Change can be scary, but it doesn't have to be

Do you fear making a change? What if the switch in IT processes makes things even worse than it was before? Do you have any worries about vendors taking advantage of you?  

If so, you are not just worried and stuck managing the IT for your company, your business’ IT is dysfunctional and slowing your people down. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

With a proactive approach to IT, you get more for less. We’ve been building a better way to do IT since 2005.  With a 500-point IT inspection, your business will be aligned to industry's best practices and reduce issues. By supporting and guiding your entire technology you won’t be overspending on disparate technology. 

With Thriveon as your strategic partner, you will be getting IT results you had previously questioned were even possible. We redefine the definition of good IT to unlock the true value technology can bring to your business. Schedule a FREE IT strategy session to learn more.  


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