Frustrating IT: When You’re Constantly Fighting Fires

Ashley Chambliss
3 firefighters fighting a large fire with water hoses

You’re not a fire fighter. You may not even be in IT. But are your days spent constantly solving IT issues for you and your staff, fighting IT fires? Or are you submitting ticket after ticket to your IT team because issues continually crop up? If your technology is causing more harm than good, it is a good time to consider a proactive, comprehensive approach to your information and technology.  

Is IT causing more harm than good? 

You have an idea of what IT can do for you and have great technologies in place, but you’re unsure if your organization is using them to their full potential. You need strategy and understanding of its capabilities. Technology needs to do more than just sit there and work. When you’re constantly fighting fires or issues, you lose precious productivity of your work, and it means the technology is not working to its full potential for you. You don’t have to keep operating like this!  

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What can IT do for my company? 

You probably have a good idea that a managed IT organization can do more for your organization than just prevent fire drills, yet you want to see how IT can help your employees be more efficient and move your organization into the future. 

How can I get more out of IT with a strategy? 

With a proactive IT strategy in place, you won’t have to fear you’re not doing all you can to keep your company up to date with the latest IT technology and best practices. Your IT will no longer keep you and your employees back from being as efficient as you can be. There is no more firefighting! 

When you work with Thriveon, we’ll be your strategic partner who will help your company stay on top of cutting-edge IT technology with measurable outcomes. Not only will we prevent IT issues, but we will demonstrate strategic outcomes, envision a future state of IT, and solve tangible business problems. 

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