Going Back to Work Without Going Backwards Changes Your IT Strategy

Sam Bloedow
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Many business leaders are now shifting their attention to reopening their offices. In this webinar we discussed different back to office plans and how this is changing companies technology strategies. Sam Bloedow CEO of Thriveon along with 3 other close CEO colleagues who each run manage IT service companies, who combined guide and support the IT strategy for over 200 companies and 10,000 people across North America, collaborate together on what leaders should be thinking about as they return to their offices.

Agenda Covered

  • What changes
  • What worked better in this environment
  • Mobility and Collaboration
  • Security


What Changes.  Covid-19 has required us to challenge what was and adapt.  This adaption forced the largest surge in technology reliance.  More people than ever before worked from home, many for the first time.  There were 20 times more video conferences.  We seen internet providers become overloaded and crash do to the shear volume of usage.  Cybercriminals seeing an opportunity with new remote access opened up, quadrupled the number of attacks.  What new normal has this created in how people work?

I don’t need to travel to hold meetings.  Do we still put the same value on face to face meetings?

I can work from anywhere.  Has the ability to working from anywhere now become a new requirement to keep good employees?

The need for results with less supervision.  How does this increase what we need from front line workers and decrease what we need from mid level managers?

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