How can I Validate the Managed IT Service Provider will Perform as Promised?

Sam Bloedow
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When it comes to verifying the managed IT services provider's ability to deliver as promised, there are a handful of areas to consider.

The first and most common one is reference checks.  By obtaining a list of the managed IT provider's client contacts, you are able to reach out to them directly and ask for their feedback on the company's performance to expectations.

The second area to check is 3rd party results validation.  What 3rd party awards or certifications has the provider achieved that indicate they have credibility in consistently delivering the end results you desire?  Some examples might be the best places to work, growth awards, and industry recognition.

The third area to consider is 3rd party security validation.  Specifically, cybersecurity.  Like it or not all companies are the targets of cyber attackers.  Managed IT service providers are no exception.  What you want to look for is 3rd party validation that the provider is following cybersecurity best practices in their own firm.  In this way, it ensures the provider is prudent in protecting their data and yours.

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Next, consider if they work with other companies your size.  While size is not everything, it is often an indicator of business maturity.  The maturity of your business operations directly influencing your needs and expectations around IT.  Working with a managed IT provider who already works with companies with your business maturity ensures they will be pushing you forward, rather than you are dragging them along.

Lastly, do they work with other companies in your industry?  Similar to the size validation, if the managed IT provider already works with companies in your industry, they will have a baseline knowledge of the business operations and common business applications in your space.  While this is not validation, the other value is they will be able to get up to speed quicker in understanding your unique business and applying known industry and IT knowledge to move your business forward.

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