Top Characteristics of the Ideal IT Technician

Ashley Chambliss
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Ever had a bad customer service experience? Haven’t we all? It can leave a lasting impression and a sour taste in your mouth for not only the experience, but the business or product itself.  

In the business of serving people through their IT needs – which can be some of the most heightened and frustrating moments for you or your employees – it is important IT technicians have strong characteristics that lend itself to the role. You might have a picture of a bashful technology geek in a hoodie, and though there’s unique talents and gifts from those who are introverted, we have thought long and hard about the characteristics our team at Thriveon employs. From that, we have 5 core values from which we hire every Thriveon employee from. 

The characteristics of the ideal IT technician are: 


We’re modest in the way we interact and communicate; arrogance doesn’t exist. We want to be as humble as George Washington. 


Providing helpful insight is our responsibility and we don’t take that lightly. We want to be as helpful as Mother Theresa. 


We’re determined to bring success to all organizations we work alongside. We want to be as ambitious as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 


We adapt, learn, and grow. We’re never unwilling to change. We want to be as coachable as the 1980 Champion Olympic Hockey Team. 


We’re eager to bring the right solutions to our clients. We want to be as curious as Albert Einstein. 

To add, we have found these characteristics to be especially important in our interactions too: 


A quick-to-respond IT tech means your problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. When we say quick, we don’t mean an auto response that your support ticket was received, we mean an engineer is connecting with you within minutes to inquire with you about the issue.  


It is equally as important for us to be kind and enthusiastic in our interactions. We love helping people find resolutions and better ways to use their technology and information. It’s why we exist! Many of our clients comment on our bright personalities and caring attitudes. 


Patience is an important trait in this line of work. There are times when especially challenging or frustrating IT issues come up, but we persevere alongside our valued clients until a resolution is reached.  

You can find testimonials each week on our social pages, and case studies on our Knowledge Center page. Many of our clients are willing to share their experience with prospective clients, so please contact us if you’d like to hear from a contact in your industry. We’d love to connect you with them, so you can trust you’re getting the best IT service possible.  

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