IT Best Practices that Get Missed: The Cloud

Sam Bloedow
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Moving your servers to the cloud does not automatically equate to a modernized workplace. In this installment of IT Best Practices that Get Missed, we will discuss cloud strategies that are optimal for your organization.  

The Cloud

The biggest best practice that gets missed in adopting a cloud strategy is that, for most, the goal of the cloud seems to be about getting the servers out of offices. This approach does attain that, but the question is: “Is this the right goal for our organization?” Typically, it is much more expensive than before, and with slight changes in uptime, remote accessibility or ease of use, there is little value. 

Instead, when we think about adopting a cloud strategy, the goal of the cloud should be about moving to web-based applications. Web-based applications are software applications, like your business applications, that are accessed through a web page. This makes your applications accessible from any device, from anywhere.

Web-based applications are hosted by the maker of the software, eliminating the need for server purchasing or hosting. This allows the software maker to easily keep the software up to date as part of their standard maintenance while reducing costs for you. 

There are far too many legacy applications still in use today that are not a lot more than electronic pen and paper. It is time to modernize! In fact, this is a good lens to self-evaluate if you have the proper business applications in place today. Good software application providers are modernizing their applications to be web-based. Legacy application providers are not; they are continuing to keep their applications built the old way of doing things. Are you comfortable sticking with software that is doing the bare minimum to get by?

The Right IT Leader

Changing business applications is no small feat, and you need the right IT leader to guide the journey. Another best practice to watch for in changing business applications is if the application is designed specifically with your industry in mind. 

The best business applications are written for your specific industry. They have spent more hours in research and development learning about your industry than any one company ever will. In doing so, they have discovered common problems and defined how to work in your type of business most efficiently. With that knowledge, they created their software to streamline your operations. When this is not the case, it causes companies to customize their applications or reports, which comes at a heavy cost, not only once but ongoing. And so, there are known business applications/ERPs to avoid.

Thriveon Can Help 

Do you want to modernize your business through web-based applications that are on the cloud? Thriveon can help you get started.

Schedule your free technology audit, and let us get started working on your IT strategy.

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