Prescription for Good IT Investments

Sam Bloedow
Prescription for Good IT Investments

 Changing over to a new software system doesn’t usually make the news unless it has a price tag like the one that Mayo Clinic is paying to consolidate their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. The Rochester Post Bulletin reported that the clinic will pay about $1.5 billion for this project that will not be complete at all Mayo locations until October 2018.

The price tag reflects the huge scope of the initiative that also includes updates to the clinic’s network, security upgrades and a whole lot of training for staff. You can bet that this IT investment is no gamble for Mayo administrators, and that their decision to move forward was backed by solid data regarding the return that they expect to receive from the initiative. That’s just how SMB executives would like to make their decisions about IT investments.

Executives Get Advice From All Corners

When it comes time to invest in technology upgrades, executives of small and medium sized businesses get advice from all corners. The software company has their view. IT support has theirs. Management pitches in their opinions. It’s hard to know who has the best answer, especially if there is a history of disappointment with previous IT investments. Making the wrong IT decisions will result in wasted money and can stall or stop progress.

The Benefits of IT Consulting

Getting an outside opinion from a consultant can bring a fresh perspective to your situation. He should objectively evaluate all aspects of the initiative or problem to be solved, and make recommendations that are in your best interests. An IT consultant should guide you away from IT investments that only seek to update or automate but don’t also improve your business. He should work with you to identify ways that technology can be used to further your business objectives such as:

  • Respond to changes in the business landscape

  • Reduce labor/Increase productivity

  • Deliver more value to clients

  • Adopt innovation that will increase competitive edge

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IT Consulting in Reach for Minnesota Companies

Executives want good advice to guide the decisions they make about IT. SMBs should be able to have the same kind of ongoing technology consulting that is available to large organizations without having to bring in high priced consultants. Fortunately, there is a way to get all the benefits of having an information technology consulting company in your corner, along with proactive IT services that create predictable IT in your business.

Thriveon’s IT strategy and management services gives SMBs the ongoing IT consulting that they need to make the right decisions about IT investments, and it’s all included in one fixed monthly fee. Unlike other managed service companies, Thriveon’s end goal is to make sure that the technology you use is the right technology to grow and improve your business.New Call-to-action


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