Choosing the Right IT Solutions for Your Business

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 12/29/17 6:15 AM

When their employees are being hampered by day-to-day IT frustrations and slowdowns, business owners and executives are faced with an important choice: Should we allow these technology issues to persist or invest time and money into finding a solution for them? Regrettably, some business leaders incorrectly assume that regular technology disruptions and security breaches are par for the course when it comes to IT. In many cases, business executives believe that their IT framework is working quite well as long as problems are fixed quickly and they don’t notice significant disturbances.

Unlike a vast majority of IT managed services providers, Thriveon doesn't subscribe to the "we’ll fix it when it breaks" philosophy. Rather, we utilize our Proven Process to proactively prevent potential IT threats and disturbances before they affect your business and steal the time of your employees, maximizing not only IT ROI but, more importantly, the revenue you can generate per employee. We also understand full well that it can be difficult to determine the best IT support option for your business’s specific issues and constraints. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to discuss the best way to choose the right IT solutions for your organization.

What Do I Need to Identify the Proper IT Solution for My Business?

Regardless of which technology issues are affecting your company, it’s possible to enhance your IT systems to a point where they can shut down these problems and provide substantial business value. However, in order to complete this transformation, you’ll need to understand all of the IT support options available to you and which benefits each of them will bring to your business. This will allow you to choose an ideal IT solution that aligns perfectly with your current needs and goals. When we go through this process with new clients, we break it up into three main objectives:

  1. Understand the differences between different types of IT support solutions based on the experiences and benefits they offer.
  2. Pin down the criteria that will help you choose the right support option based on the results you want to see.
  3. Identify the specific option that will create the business improvements and value you’re seeking.


Before we jump into potential IT solutions for your business, take a few moments to review the current state of your Information Technology systems and the problems that brought you to this blog. Is your business struggling with unreliable IT costs? Downtime? Cybersecurity issues? Locking down the particular IT issues you’re looking to fix will be invaluable when assessing which technology support option you should invest in for your business.

A Rundown on Your Company’s Primary IT Solutions

While there are nearly infinite IT solutions your business can harness to optimize its Information Technology processes and improve business results, they can be broken down into two main categories: Reactive and Proactive. Reactive solutions focus on controlling and mitigating IT problems or threats after they become apparent, and Proactive solutions identify and shut down these technology issues before your employees or customers are negatively affected by them. The difficult part is determining which of these solution types you’re investing in and the potential value you’re missing out on by choosing incorrectly. Far too often, businesses sign up for a service thinking that they’re receiving Proactive IT support when they simply are not.

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