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Ashley Chambliss
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Local Minnesota businesses in manufacturing, construction, legal, finance, and healthcare are leveraging new technologies to boost their productivity and operations. With continual innovations and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, business leaders are turning to experts in Information Technology to handle these important business functions. Here, we’ll take a brief look at Information Technology and strategies for businesses.  

What Is Information Technology for Businesses? 

Information Technology or IT, whether internal or outsourced, is the dynamic approach to technology solutions – both hardware and software – covering equipment and tech failures, data backups and recovery, shirking cybersecurity attacks, and providing ongoing support and guidance. Most IT firms provide all of this in a reactive format. When something breaks, they fix it. This can lead to slow response times and continued frustration from employees and customers. Get on top of your technology with an IT strategy. 

IT Strategy for Business 

When you have a solid IT team in place, you’re able to proactively plan and budget for IT needs such as software, devices, and ongoing fees. IT strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how all technology should be used to meet the goals of the business. 

Information Technology strategy is a way of guiding your company’s IT activities and investments so that they support your business objectives. A successfully executed Information Technology strategy pushes IT out of your overhead and turns it into a key contributor to how you grow your business and provide value to your customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

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Why Outsource IT for Your Business? 

For the one the cost commitment of hiring and training internal IT staff is higher than an investment to make with an outsourced firm. Additionally, a dedicated IT firm like Thriveon performs the same functions as internal teams, physically and remotely, so your needs are resolved quickly and efficiently. Proven strategies of a proactive approach eliminate the need for full time on-site staff, since the issues are reduced to zero in the first place.  

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Why Choose Thriveon for IT? 

The mission at Thriveon is simple: to empower people to create business success with information and technology. Using expert knowledge and the latest IT best practices, Thriveon’s proactive approach allows business leaders to focus on what they do best – CFOs can lead the finance department, COOs and CEOs lead the company. Let our dedicated CIOs inform and engage the IT process. Schedule your introductory IT strategy session today to learn more.  


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