Is Your Current IT System Losing You Money? 

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 1/11/18 10:00 AM

IT SystemRegardless of which industry your business falls under, establishing a strong and secure IT system plays a pivotal role in the success and profitability of your organization. It’s imperative to ensure that this IT framework doesn’t drag your business down by generating unstable expenses or allowing IT downtime to affect employee productivity.

Unfortunately, as the field of Information Technology continues to ramp up in complexity, more and more businesses struggle to keep pace, draining thousands of dollars and employee hours into inefficient processes that don’t meet their needs. This issue is even more prevalent in companies that rely on internal IT teams without the tools or expertise to optimize IT systems.

Ultimately, these flawed teams lead to massive decreases in business earnings and crippling slowdowns that stunt company innovation and growth. So, let's determine whether your current IT system is losing you money:.

Time Loss Due to IT Downtime

Problem: IT downtime can have a substantial impact on employee productivity and company success. Not only do these technology failures force your team to assist customers without access to business network data, but they can also put massive financial strain on your organization.

It’s no secret that the costs of getting a malfunctioning IT system back up and running can be substantial and unpredictable. In more severe cases, these sudden IT failures can cause significant delays in service delivery. That could lead to frustrated (or worse, lost) customers! Consequently, in order to maintain your current customer base and protect the reputation of your brand, it’s essential to invest in a high-quality IT system that mitigates the impact and prevalence of IT downtime. Your company simply can’t afford to bleed productive work hours and miss out on business opportunities thanks to a poorly designed IT framework.

Wasting Executives' Time with IT Problems

In many cases, inefficient IT systems require company executives to take time away from leading the business in order to manage its technology needs. Of course, simply ignoring your company’s IT requirements altogether isn’t an option. Putting technology problems on the back burner will only exacerbate the issue further, which is why many executives reluctantly take on these tasks despite the fact that their time could be better spent elsewhere.

This misallocation of company resources weakens your business’s capacity to seek new opportunities and thrive because its primary sources of leadership and innovation are wasting their potential on putting out technology fires and trying to stabilize IT costs instead of spearheading business initiatives and boosting your bottom line.

Outsource Your IT Struggles to Maximize Your Time Usage

Put simply, if your current IT system is taking up too much of your valuable time or subjecting your company to substantial costs and IT downtime, then it’s time to make a change. Here at Thriveon, our goal is to take IT management off of your plate entirely, allowing you to devote your time and energy to pursuits and initiatives that provide the most value to your business.

We can provide your organization with a fully outsourced IT department or improve the effectiveness of your current internal IT team through exceptional Information Technology leadership and software. In either case, Thriveon will work with you to develop a fully customized IT solution that scales to meet the ever-growing technology needs of your business, boosts productivity and customer satisfaction by preventing downtime and provides you with a unique combination of IT strategy and management that helps your business thrive.

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