Is Your Company's Online Data Secure?

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 12/15/17 6:20 AM

It’s no secret that cybercriminals (also known as “bad actors”) are constantly attempting to gather sensitive business data. And while there are a wide variety of cybersecurity systems that aim to keep malicious programs away from your network and employees (like firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus programs and intrusion detection systems), hackers are always developing new and more effective tactics to bypass these defenses and wreak havoc on your company’s IT framework. In fact, even if you design and implement flawless technical defenses for your business network, bad actors can still reach your online data by tricking employees into letting them into your system, putting the stability and success of your business at great risk. That’s why more and more companies of all sizes and industries are turning toward high-quality managed IT service providers to keep their private information as safe and secure as possible.

Here at Thriveon, we offer peerless IT security consulting and management services, protecting the online data of our clients while helping them attain better business results by leveraging Information and Technology to do more. That’s why small to mid-sized businesses across Minnesota utilize our managed IT services to improve their Information Technology systems in order to grow and achieve business success. We also offer our partners the best cybersecurity services in the business, pairing outstanding technical defenses and training with IT leadership to keep them several steps ahead of bad actors. Today, we’ll be helping you to determine whether your current IT system needs an upgrade. But before we jump in, let’s take a moment to emphasise the tremendous impact an online data breach can have on a growing business.

The Impact of Online Data Breaches

A company’s online data can include essential and highly valuable information, such as product designs, customer records, company strategies and private employee information. Bad actors understand that fact all too well, which is why they develop malicious software to make a quick profit off of exploiting this data. As you might expect, the impact of losing this key information can be absolutely crippling. According to the US National Cybersecurity Alliance, 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a serious data breach. Why? Because many organizations simply can’t recover from the loss of money, productivity and reputation that data breaches cause. After all, clients and customers alike are highly unlikely to trust you with their private information when they know that your business is incapable of protecting it. Consequently, if you want to ensure that your business continues to thrive, it’s essential to develop the strongest cybersecurity system possible.

Assessing Your Company’s Security Measures

One of the best ways to determine whether your company’s online data is secure is to perform a computer security audit. This is essentially a full assessment of your organization’s security system. Through interviews, security vulnerability scans and monitoring software, a security audit can be used to examine how effectively your employees, computers and servers are protecting your sensitive online data. This process can be time-consuming, but it’s a great way to make sure your business’s bank information, designs, trade secrets and employee information are being kept safe. Once you’ve received the results of this audit, you can decide whether your company needs to invest in stronger security measures.

Bear in mind that working with a managed IT service provider like us is another fantastic way to assess the safety of your business’s online data. After scheduling a meeting with Thriveon, we can show you how your current IT systems and results compare to some of our current clients, helping you to decide whether your current Information Technology framework needs to be bolstered in order to avoid cybersecurity threats. From there, we’ll discuss how our proven processes can be used to create better IT results and optimize security initiatives for your business.

Thriveon’s Industry-Leading Security Services

There are four key aspects to Thriveon’s top-quality cybersecurity services:

  1. Technical Security Measures

All businesses require sufficient technical security measures (like firewalls, spam filters and anti-virus software) to keep bad actors away from sensitive online data. At Thriveon, our IT team is constantly researching and implementing the most effective security systems and processes for businesses. A partnership with us will grant your company access to the best technical security programs in the business, keeping your online information safe and secure by locking it away from outside parties and tracking how it’s stored and used by internal staff.

  1. Backups and Recovery

Experts in the IT field agree that businesses should always develop a backup plan in the event of a data breach. At Thriveon, we’ve designed innovative backup and recovery systems that record and safeguard all essential business data and programs, allowing them to be restored regardless of what happens to the original assets. This feature will allow your company to get back on its feet and resume operations very quickly, even if a bad actor manages to slip through your IT defenses and steal or delete essential data.

  1. Employee Cybersecurity Training:

Ensuring that your employees can recognize and avoid malicious files and attempts to steal private information is just as important as having solid technical security measures. Thriveon can provide every member of your team access to quality cybersecurity awareness training, detailed educational sessions that teach employees how to identify and react to deceptive tactics from bad actors, including malicious email attachments and phone calls. We also utilize robust spam filters to sort through and remove a vast majority of malicious content before it reaches your staff, further mitigating the chances of security breaches.Is Your Company's Online Data Secure?

  1. IT Security Leadership and Guidance:

The best way to leverage an organization’s IT strategy and processes is through IT leadership. Thriveon can provide your business with a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer). This highly experienced IT professional will work extensively with your management team to develop and implement smart, feasible IT strategies to meet your company’s business goals while ensuring that it benefits from the most effective security measures our cybersecurity ebook

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