4 Ways Proactive IT Creates Business Value

Sam Bloedow
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Companies that invest in safety to protect workers, comply with regulations and minimize costs due to injury and property damage, usually find that they reap benefits in productivity and efficiency. Developing a culture of safety delivers business value by directing energy and resources away from the need to be reactive, towards proactive activities that positively impact financial performance. Being proactive instead of reactive makes sense for IT as well as it does for safety, but unfortunately, many companies have not found the right approach to IT strategy and management that stimulates the ways that  IT can provide business value. Here are four ways that proactive IT could be benefiting your business.

1. Predicting and Avoiding Hazards

Just as safety is about predicting and avoiding hazards, proactive technology is about predicting and avoiding issues before they become big problems. One might immediately think about technology tools that monitor network and device performance as a proactive tactic to prevent downtime. Likewise, the deployment of a layered cybersecurity defense avoids cyberattacks.

2. Guidance for Decision Making

Many business executives look at their IT investments with disappointment because they didn’t receive the long term results that were promised. When investments are determined with a proactive attitude, the goal isn’t going to be to just solve today’s problem. The goal will be to anticipate needs in the future whether that will be to enable specific business goals, or scale with growth.

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3. Sustainability

The opposite of proactive IT - reactive IT – is not ultimately sustainable because it means that improvement will never happen or if it does it might be too late to have a positive effect. For example, waiting to improve cybersecurity until after a data breach, or updating a server after it fails. Proactive IT promotes sustainability not only by keeping business processes up and running, but by helping the business improve which has an impact on how strong the company is in the marketplace.

4. Attitude Shaping and Culture

People who work in reactive environments go to work wondering what is going to happen to disrupt their day. That erodes trust when you’re talking about technology as much as when you’re talking about safety. When there is a proactive approach towards technology, people look at IT as a tool to help them do their job. They feel enabled and are more likely to contribute ideas on how to use technology in different ways to better serve customers.

Thriveon’s Proactive Process

Thriveon approach to IT strategy and management creates a relationship with clients that is more like a partnership than a vendor. Your goals become ours as we work with you to manage and improve your network, support your employees with a help desk, and provide ongoing IT consulting to align your technology with your business goals.

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