Every Business Leader’s Dream: Stable, Safe, Secure Technology

Ashley Chambliss
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Dream of the day when...

Imagine a day with zero tech issues. Imagine a week, a month, a year! That would be unheard of, right? It doesn’t have to be. You no longer have to dream of a world with low to no technology issues with a Proactive Managed Services IT approach. Get your technology to work for you once and for all. 

Proactive IT Services means we actively work to get your technology investments in the best shape of their lives and consistently monitor your team’s entire tech stack, from Microsoft to Hubspot, never tiring to ensure your solutions are stable, safe and secure.  

What does Stable Technology look like? 

The ability to go to sleep at night blissfully dreaming happy thoughts and no more technology nightmares, knowing that your IT provider has it covered. The dream of having stable technology is when your work is done seamlessly without interruption and when you do not even notice your technology in the first place; it just works. It is meant to support and enhance your work, and not cause constant frustrations and roadblocks to get your work done.  

What does Safe Technology feel like? 

The peace of mind that comes with keeping your technology safe comes with educating and training your team on the current vulnerabilities that exist and mitigating any unsafe practices. These can include clicking on links and attachments from unknown email addresses and otherwise engaging with suspicious albeit sophisticated phishing attempts. You need experts at the helm to keep your investments locked up airtight. 

How will you know your Technology is Secure? 

Chances are, you may not know it. But you will know it when your technology is unsecure and a cyberattack rears its ugly head. Unfortunately, the less protected you are, the higher the likelihood a security event will occur at some point. Securing your technology through atechnology auditwill provide your organization with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions on any susceptibility to a threat. A technology audit is a review of the current state of technology against a known set of best practices. 

Watch webinar: The Business Leader's Role in Cybersecurity for the Modern Workplace

A Few Best Practices to Get You Started: 

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication 

By enforcing multifactor authentication, bad actors would need more than your password to access your information. When employees remote into applications a text code should be sent to their mobile device to confirm it is really them logging in. The same thing goes for Office 365 and any other company-protected accounts.  

Secure Password Management 

The length of time it takes to crack a password grows exponentially with each character added. 9 characters can be cracked in 2 minutes, 10 characters in 2 hours, 11 characters in 6 days and so on. Current security standards recommend 19 characters, and then only having to change once per year. 

Limiting Device Permissions 

Remove local admin rights on user computers. By removing local admin rights, the risks from clicking on  bad links in websites or emails is reduced because the corresponding action of downloading and executing a  malicious payload is less likely to be successful. 

Backing Data Up Properly & Regularly 

Isolate your backups and backup appliance from your network. When a cyber-attack happens, it is designed to  run across the entire network in your business. By preventing your network from accessing your backups and  backup appliance, you protect yourself because you still have secured data to restore. 

Protect your bottom line and your data. 

Watch webinar: The Business Leader's Role in Cybersecurity for the Modern Workplace

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The Thrive On IT Process 

See our unique business process that goes beyond standard Managed IT Services. With our tried and true Thrive On IT Process, you will not only receive 24/7 IT and 24/7 Management Services, but a dedicated CIO for ongoing strategy and guidance along with proactive auditing and alignment thus reducing your IT issues and security vulnerabilities by 90%. 

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