The Hidden Costs of Reactive IT [Video]

Ashley Chambliss
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You might not realize it, but there are hidden costs in your current IT methods. Whether you have an internal IT person or outsource to a Managed Services provider, if they are not using a proactive approach, you’re likely suffering the hidden costs of reactive IT. 

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For many companies, IT issues cost too much time, energy, and money. This leaves you frustrated that you aren’t getting enough value out of your technology. Reactive IT costs your business more than what shows up on the P&L. What if your IT support could make your business more profitable? 

Hidden costs to consider when using the traditional IT approach affect the following areas of your business: 


Creating work disruptions for your employees causes them to lose valuable time and productivity in their work. Repeat issues and workarounds that go unsolved create frustrated, unproductive employees which costs your business.  

Cost of Doing It Yourself 

When a company attempts to handle IT on their own, it can mean not getting it right the first time around, which costs you time and money. Decisions made for one department may not be right for other departments or the business as a whole. When department heads are project managing technology projects, it takes away from their day-to-day responsibilities or the project lasts much longer than it needs to because there is too much to handle for someone who is not in IT.  

Data Sprawl 

The cost of finding, organizing, losing, and keeping unnecessary data can be a headache. It leads to not being able to use the data you have in a productive way.  

Unrealized Functionality 

If you’re not sure of all the functionality in your systems, it can create manual and duplicate entry across departments including having to import and export data and working in spreadsheets to cover the gaps. These archaic methodologies do not have to overtake your people’s time and energy in a day. There are better ways to collaborate and automate using technology, and a holistic view of technology can get you there.  

Misalignment with the Business 

When your technology is a not aligned across all departments, business processes take more time from your people and knowledge of the work is lost when people leave. With the proper tech in place, audited and aligned from Thriveon’s IT best practices, you’ll never pay for technology you don’t need, and the technology you do invest in will serve your unique business needs across all departments.  

Cyber Attacks 

Revenue lost to breaches cleaned up, loss of customer trust and future orders, loss of employee trust and future employment hang in the balance if you do not ensure cybersecurity. Fines, higher insurance premiums, and unplanned technology expenditures can all stack up when you’re not sure if you’re cybersecure. Mitigate the attacks with an IT expert at the helm proactively ensuring cybersecurity across all platforms. 

Most IT providers spend your budget fixing what’s broken, installing updates and telling you what to replace. Our approach is different. We will make your IT work for you, rather than against you. In fact, since 2002 we’ve been using technology to propel businesses forward.  

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