Thriveon supports Construction Industry through AGC Sponsorship

Ashley Chambliss
Proud supporter of the construction industry with AGC of MN logo

Thriveon is proud to support the construction industry through a business sponsorship relationship with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Minnesota. 

As a bronze-level event sponsor and event exhibitor, Thriveon is excited to engage with all levels of construction professionals on technology topics of interest to general contractor, specialty contractor, service provider and supplier members. 

4 Ways Proactive IT Bolsters Construction Industry 

1. Provide Accurate Estimates 

Better estimates means more profitability from jobs. 

2. Optimize Worker Productivity 

Integrated systems allow for easier task management. 

3. Accurately Capture Expenses 

Precise expense tracking means no money is left on the table. 

4. Effectively Manage Change 

Enhanced communication simplifies change orders. 

Learn more about Thriveon's approach to IT for Construction

Managed IT services that help companies thrive

At Thriveon, we believe that a proactive IT approach empowers businesses from all industries to be more successful. As your trusted IT partner, we don’t simply fix the things that break — we help improve your bottom line and reach your business goals. Let us show you what your IT service should be doing. 

Schedule your FREE IT strategy session to chat with us about your construction technology needs and how a proactive approach can save your business leaders time while reducing costs. 



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