Thriveon supports legal industry through ALAMN sponsorship

Ashley Chambliss
Graphic with Thriveon logo and ALAMN logo and proud supporter of the legal industry

At Thriveon, we recognize the unique technology and information needs in the legal services industry, and that is why we have partnered with the Association for Legal Administrators Minnesota(ALA-MN). This association currently has a membership of over 200 legal administrators and legal professionals dedicated to enhancing their career through education and networking. 

From the ALAMN website, “The ALAMN membership recognizes that collaborating with Business Partners is an indispensable resource ensuring that our organization continues to flourish.  As law firm decision‐makers, we know that the right products and services are key components to successful legal administration; and that our Business Partners play a vital role in the management and daily functions in our firms.” 

As a Minnetonka-level sponsor, Thriveon will be able to attend a wide array of conferences and events through the association as well as participate in educating legal administrators on technology trends and issues through their publication, the Verdict. 

Read: CEO Sam Bloedow’s article in The Verdict on page 16 

We know the legal industry is eager to adopt new technologies, and that is why we have preserved a focused effort on assisting law firms and other legal services businesses to streamline their business operations and maximize billable hours.  

Maximize your law practice’s billable time 

Successfully managing legal cases takes a lot of time, and you want to be sure you’re fairly compensated for your effort. Our expert IT team helps law firms efficiently manage their internal systems, empowering them to bill clients more efficiently and accurately. 

Align your IT strategy with your business goals 

We blend automation with human expertise to provide impactful data management solutions for legal firms to help you do right by your clients by the following: 

Increase Data Security 

Confidential client information is kept private and secure. 

Mitigate Your Risk 

Your firm has less risk for data breaches with managed IT. 

Improve Research Capabilities 

Consistent access to your data makes case research easier. 

Maximize Your Profit 

Efficient research leads to streamlined case management. 

Managed IT services that help companies thrive 

At Thriveon, we believe that a proactive IT approach empowers businesses from all industries to be more successful. As your trusted IT partner, we don’t simply fix the things that break — we help improve your bottom line and reach your business goals. Schedule your FREE IT Strategy session now to get started!


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