Thriveon supports manufacturing industry through MPMA sponsorship

Ashley Chambliss

At Thriveon, we recognize the unique technology and information needs in the manufacturing industry, and that is why we have partnered with the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA)Workforce development is the foundation of MPMA's Strategic Plan, which includes Advocacy and Government Relations, Career Pathways and Opportunities, Workforce Training (Incumbent Skills). 

From the MPMA website, “The MPMA has been a leader in the state of Minnesota for the past 65 years in the precision manufacturing industry. Today, we continue to seek new ways to accomplish and refine our mission for the benefit of our members and our industry.

We are dedicated to "drive success in Minnesota precision manufacturing by strengthening the skilled workforce," by:

  • Being a leader in the conversations about enhancing workforce development,
  • Taking an active role in legislative changes that impact manufacturers and to have a positive impact on the image and importance of manufacturing, and
  • By improving business for our members by being a resource for workforce training.” 

As a silver-level sponsor, Thriveon will be able to attend a wide array of conferences and events through the association as well as participate in educating manufacturing professionals on technology trends and issues. We seek to bring industry 4.0 connectivity, security, and automation to shop floors around the world.

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We blend automation with human expertise to provide robust manufacturing analytics that help you make informed business decisions. 

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Streamlined access to machine data helps keep things running smoothly.

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The back office and the shop floor will always be on the same page.

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