What is the Proactive Managed IT Difference?

Ashley Chambliss
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Not all IT is created equal. Most local Minnesota IT firms are reactive – meaning they respond to your support tickets and just keep your business’ IT afloat. This causes frustratingly long wait times for support and continual IT issues to crop up. However, at Thriveon, we approach IT in a different way. We partner alongside your business strategy to ensure the technology you’re investing in is working for you, eliminating the need for these astronomical amounts of support tickets in the first place. We think a zero-response time is the best response time because there are no more frustrating IT issues.  

So, what is the Proactive Managed IT Difference? 

An IT strategy exists 

For starters, IT is considered in the strategic plan of the business. The difference between a tactical and strategic IT approach is that IT is included your business plan. With a strategic approach to IT, it is viewed as an asset with a known Return on Investment. IT is able to focus on aligning to security and productivity best practices. What exactly is an IT strategy? 

IT strategy is a way to guide decision making about technology that unleashes benefits that ultimately help the company succeed.

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Technology is aligned uniquely to your company 

The significant investments you make in IT are strategically aligned to serve each of your departments and your organization as a whole. Technology changes are planned, budgeted for and aligned with the company’s long-term planning. Gone are the days where your systems don’t talk to each other. We can recommend the best and brightest technologies for your industry, and work to integrate them seamlessly into your unique business needs. We also support any system and take the extra steps to call the 3rd party on your behalf when something isn’t going quite right. Strategically aligning your systems save you time and money. On average, with the Microsoft Modern Workplace, 5 hours a week per computer user is saved in staff time. This level of productivity adds up for efficiencies and employee satisfaction.  

Dedicated IT Expert

Strategically aligning best practices and continual audits of your technology require a dedicated professional to lead the charge. With Thriveon’s Managed IT services, a dedicated Fractional CIO leads the team to success in the IT strategy and aligning to over 500 IT best practices. 

Bring your organization into a modern workplace and discover the proactive managed IT difference. Give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more. 



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