Why Choose a Local Managed IT Provider?

Ashley Chambliss
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We often get asked if we’re local. Yes, we are a local Minnesota company! With headquarters in Eden Prairie, we service Minneapolis - St. Paul and surrounding areas, along with regions in the Mankato and St. Cloud areas. Not only is a local Managed IT in the same time zone, but we also live and breathe in the same culture, core values, and understand the unique needs and requirements of our booming industries and economy we have here in Minnesota.  

Local Managed IT Knows Your Business in Minneapolis – St. Paul and surrounding regions 

Whether your industry is in manufacturing, construction or legal services, a local IT provider understands Minnesota culture, and the work ethics you’re instilling in your employees. We aim to provide that opportunity for higher productivity and happier employees through strategic Information and Technology solutions.  

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Local Managed IT can provide physical support 

High-level remote support is an option and readily available to all clients, but we also support installation of hardware on-site when it is needed. With a local Managed IT provider, you get hands-on, face-to-face interaction with an expert technician. We get to know you and your staff and strive to leave you smiling! 

Local Managed IT, Not Just Another Copy Shop 

When you work with a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) who is dedicated to strong IT support, strategy, and service, you get focused, proactive service. Thriveon is a full-fledged Managed IT Service provider strictly geared toward serving your technology strategy. Though we work closely with third party vendors, we aren’t busy selling printers/copiers or working on repairs. Our Fractional CIOs and engineers are focused on optimizing your solutions, processes, IT budget, and productivity for your highest gain.  

With our unique proactive approach, we respond to support tickets within 6 minutes and get to work right away for you. Our ultimate goal is to have 0 support tickets, which means you can remain focused on the day-to-day of your business, without fear of technology going down or cyber-attacks harming your business and customer data. Schedule a call to learn about the Proactive Managed IT difference, unique to your local MSP, Thriveon.  

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