Collaboration In and Out of the Office

Ashley Chambliss
Group of workers collaborating physically with digital devices

Digital technologies have paved the way for remote and on-the-go work. When you have some employees who work in the office and some from home, it’s vital you have the right tools in place to support collaboration and team communication. Additionally, if you have a travelling team or executives, the ability to work from anywhere is necessary. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up workstations in different physical locations, so collaboration can seamlessly happen when in and out of the office.  

Proper Digital Tools 

Implementing and using the appropriate digital tools for your industry and unique organization will provide the best methods to meet remotely, collaborate with auto-save files, and work efficiently together. The ability for all employees to work together on one digital platform encourages team productivity and employee satisfaction.  

Read eBook: The Microsoft Teams Experience 

IT Remote Access 

When support issues do arise, does your IT provider have the ability to safely access devices from anywhere to help solve the issue? Many do, but the best technical support starts before there is a problem. It begins with proper devices and connections and an understanding of your team’s data needs. Of course, this is not information most executives have at the ready, so working with a trusted IT provider is recommended. They’ll want to know general usage information, for example: 

  • How is the remote employee or team using their computer? 
  • How are files accessed? 
  • Does your company use a server? 

Answers to questions like these will help them understand your needs so they can provide a recommendation that will work today and in the future. 

Cybersecurity Measures in Place 

When employees are scattered physically, how can you ensure your customer and company data is safe? It requires a comprehensive strategy from encryption, firewalls, and password policies to network authentication, spyware, and anti-virus software. 

While keeping your devices free from online viruses, your company’s data assets are even more valuable. After all, if lost or stolen, devices can be replaced. Your company's data, accounting information, and intellectual property are what you're really protecting. Security professionals can help you craft policies and procedures that will ensure flexible working conditions while protecting your valuable information. 

Proactive Approach to IT  

With a proactive approach to Managed IT, Thriveon vCIOs provide strategic and guidance to audit and align your company to over 500 best practices ensuring cybersecurity, compliance, remote access to hardware, and the right digital technologies for your company saving you time and expense. To get started on a custom IT strategy session, schedule a quick 30 minute meeting now!  


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