Frustrating IT: When You No Longer Have Your IT Person

Ashley Chambliss
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As a business leader, when a valuable internal IT employee moves on whether they are moving out of state or seeking a new opportunity, it can leave a hole in your personnel and daily operations. You might have relied so heavily on this person and have no idea of the internal workings of both hardware and software at the organization. You need a fast solution to the impending vacancy in your IT support and planning; but you’re not quite sure what you need! 

Whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your IT or supplement an internal IT team, you need a team of experts in place to guide your entire technology spend, not just doing fixes when things break.  

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What Is the Frustration When Your IT Person Leaves? 
Because your recent IT employee has been at the company so long or has so much knowledge of the ins and outs of your IT, you don’t have clear insights into the day-to-day obligations or where the company stands in terms of security and support when they leave, and it leaves your organization particularly vulnerable.  

You may also not even be sure where to begin with managing IT, but it has fallen on your shoulders!  You want to avoid having to fight future fire drills without having the support to fix the issues.  

Thriveon Can Help  

You might be trying to decide between using an external IT services company or hiring directly. Thriveon is a reliable solution to replace or supplement an internal IT hire. Let us be your partner and discover not only how we prevent fire drills, but also work to help create better processes for your current technologies. Book your time slot now for an exclusive IT Strategy Session.  


Frustrating IT When You No Longer Have Your IT Person


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