Information Technology Strategy Recipe for Success

Sam Bloedow
chef making a recipt IT startegy recipe for success

3 Recommendations to Guide Your Process

Before you get started with IT strategy, you should know that it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s not that Information Technology strategy isn’t for every business. It is. It’s that some organizations don’t get the recipe right. The ingredients for IT strategy are readily available, but just as you might not be able to cook up the same kind of food experience that you had at the gourmet restaurant last night, it takes the right process to create a strategy that won’t end up half-baked. Following are three guidelines that are integral to a successful strategy process:

1. Practical Objectives

Information Technology strategy that is practical means that you will actually be able to do it.

  • Broad objectives can be honed down to actions, schedules, and budgets.
  • Compatibility with current and future systems is considered.
  • User experience and training needs of staff are addressed.
  • Overall cost is reasonable, especially compared with alternatives.

 2. Implementable Tactics

 An implementable IT strategy means that you have the ability to follow through.

  • Short term objectives lead to long term goals.
  • Staff are empowered to achieve and succeed.
  • The plan can flex when changes happen to the business environment.
  • The business has or can get the needed resources

What is IT strategy and how do you get started? Download the guide.

3. Whole Company Commitment

Staff commitment to the strategy and the business goals nurtures buy-in to the process.

  • Staff understand the compelling reasons for change.
  • Departmental and whole company objectives are addressed.
  • Collaboration helps everyone to recognize and support priorities.
  • Staff see opportunities for individual and corporate success.

Getting the Recipe Right

Not all Managed IT Service Providers have the recipe for a successful IT strategy. Thriveon’s proven process includes all of the ingredients and the right method for achieving business success with technology. With IT leadership, proactive services and responsive support, companies like yours can experience the benefits that other companies have received when IT activity and investment is aligned with business goals through a successful IT strategy. Learn more with our Quick Start Guide.

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