Top 6 Reasons Why Your IT Support Issues Don't Get Solved

Sam Bloedow
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It’s frustrating when you have to deal with the same problem over and over again. When that happens with IT issues, it’s not only frustrating, it’s costly. Recurring IT support issues divert staff away from their core work and costs your company in lost wages and repair tickets.

If IT support can’t find the root cause of your technology problems, or if they tell you there isn’t an answer, it’s time to look elsewhere.  Read on for six of the top IT support issues that don’t get properly resolved and for an alternate approach, learn how Thriveon’s IT support is different.

  1. IT Can’t Solve the Problem

It’s impossible for one person to be an expert on every aspect of IT. Your IT department or provider may simply lack the knowledge, experience or skill set to diagnose and remedy your problems properly. This can also happen if the situation lies outside of the core of what your IT company usually provides. 

For example, if you receive IT support from a company whose main business is not managed services, the staff might not be equipped to troubleshoot complex problems or IT security issues that aren’t part of their core services.

  1. IT Doesn’t Have Enough Time

When everything is on fire, the solution often looks like a fire hose. Putting out urgent IT fires is essential to making users happy but typically your IT team becomes consumed by it.  The old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” rings true.  

If your ongoing issue isn’t an immediate priority, it will take a back seat to the day-to-day fires.  As your company grows in people or reliance on IT, or the provider adds more clients, this only worsens. You spend your IT resources just to maintain the status quo instead of making technology work for you.

  1. Your Technology Was Not Setup Properly

If you get recurring reports of applications dragging, problems connecting with your network or random errors, it could be a sign that your hardware or software is misconfigured. Poor initial configuration (setup) can affect the performance of your PCs, wireless networks, switches and routers, firewalls, and software. 

Improper setup may result from a lack of IT expertise, but often it’s because IT doesn’t have a documented best practice for the installation. Make sure that you have procedures in place before installing new software or hardware and that you quality assure the installation after. 

  1. Failure to Use the Right Technology

Sometimes, a technology tool can work exactly as it should but then causes problems because it is the wrong solution. This can occur with both software and hardware, either out of a desire to save costs or due to poor judgment by the IT decision makers. 

Some examples of improper technology include: 

  • Wrong sized servers
  • Inadequate bandwidth for cloud technologies 
  • Selecting the wrong software version 
  • Trying to make software do something that it wasn’t designed for

Make sure that your teams know how to use the right technology so that everyone has access to the best tools to do their jobs properly. 

  1. Failure to Communicate IT Problems

When IT assumes that everything is fine, it sets a dangerous precedent. Maybe your tech team failed to verify the expectations or they believe everything is truly operating as it should. 

The flip side of this situation is that people affected by the problem might have concluded that the problem is unsolvable or that there aren’t resources to fix it. Whatever the case, when communication drops off, so do the chances of an issue being resolved adequately. 

  1. Disconnect Between Technology and Business Needs

You can expect some costly consequences when the business needs of your company don’t align with the technology you’ve invested in. This can happen when there is a lack of collaboration between IT and the management team tasked with creating the business strategy. 

When long and short term business objectives are not included in the technology decision making process, you sabotage your investment. Your IT will ultimately fail to add to the value that employees provide for the business. Instead, ensure that your technology compliments your business goals and your daily operational needs. The right technology can elevate your work and your business. 

Get Better Results from Your IT

Not all IT support problems are equal, but at Thriveon we treat them that way. We take a holistic approach to IT that goes beyond support tickets. We help you choose the right tools and proactively keep your systems updated and working across the board so that your employees are productive instead of waiting for their technology to come back online. Schedule a meeting to explore how you can get better IT results that enable your business success. Call us at 855-768-2178 or give us your contact info and we'll call you.


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