Are Managed IT Services Right for You?

Sam Bloedow
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Two main questions arise when considering managed IT services for the first time

Businesses that view their technology as an investment in their efficiency, security and stability sometimes have trouble seeking out the help they need to improve and maintain their network infrastructure and user experience. Two main questions arise as they are choosing an IT managed service provider as the best solution for their company to leverage Information and Technology to move their business forward.

Is my business large enough for managed IT services?

Any company, regardless of its size or the number of people employed, will run more efficiently when technology is monitored, maintained, and properly managed. With smaller businesses, the person in charge of IT probably wears many hats and has many responsibilities that vie for attention and IT only gets addressed when there is a fire to put out. Larger companies with internal IT staff might encounter similar problems if the in-house tech is stretched beyond their available time and skill set.

How does investment in IT save money?

Addressing technology only when it breaks is expensive. The question to ask is, can you afford to have your day to day business operations slowed or stalled because your technology can’t keep up? 

You’re paying too much when it’s too late -- An issue that was probably preventable with early detection can escalate into a full blown business disruption that an on-call technician likely charges a high hourly rate, on top of hardware replacement costs, and might not get to you right away. Being proactive rather than reactive to technology issues can allow you to put more money toward improvements that will move you forward.

Don’t forget productivity killers – It’s taking your employees way too long to boot up their computers. Servers and applications are running slowly. Employee devices are full of malware. Non-technical employees are running around troubleshooting tech problems. If this is happening at your company, your present approach to IT management is killing employee productivity and your bottom line.

What happens internally is noticed externally – Don’t think that customers don’t notice outdated or slow internal technology and information mismanagement. When customers need to order or get information on status or availability and your customer service rep tells them, “I’m sorry, our system is down,” they’re noticing and it’s hurting your business.

Learn 5 Questions to Ask When You Are Evaluating Managed IT Service Providers

Outsourced managed IT services are a good choice for you whether you have 20 or 500 computers. Investing in technology is an investment in the efficiency, security and stability of your company. The way your business utilizes Information and Technology can enhance the relationships you have with customers, and help create happy employees who are empowered to do their jobs while reducing the cost to do business.

When you are considering managed IT services for your Minnesota business for the first time, you might not have all of the answers or know the questions to ask. Get our free E-Book to help lead the conversation.

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