The Importance of Optimized IT Systems

Posted by Sam Bloedow on 1/5/18 10:00 AM

Optimized IT Systems A strong and efficient Information Technology network plays a key role in decreasing the total cost required to meet customer and client needs, sustaining high employee satisfaction and retention, shutting down cybersecurity threats and increasing overall company profitability. However, the world of IT is in a constant state of flux as new and more effective practices and initiatives come to the fore. As a result, many small to mid-sized businesses lack the funding, staff and time needed to keep up with these changes while managing the daily IT needs of their employees and customers, causing them to fall behind competitors and become vulnerable to dangerous security breaches from cybercriminals. Fortunately, by partnering with a reputable IT managed services provider, these companies can bolster the efforts of their Internal IT staff or develop a fully outsourced IT department to unleash their full potential and business success.

Thriveon is the highest quality IT managed services provider in Minnesota, comprised of business technology professionals who leverage our Proven Process to meet and exceed the IT needs of companies across the state. As a family-owned organization fervently committed to servant leadership, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best possible IT department services by aligning IT activities and investments with business goals. That’s why hundreds of business owners trust in us to develop amazing, hassle-free IT frameworks that foster improved technology costs and effectiveness. Today, we’ll be discussing why it’s so important to optimize your company’s IT system to produce maximum security and business results.

Staving off Cybercrime

Unfortunately, large-scale corporations aren’t the only target for cybercriminals. Even small to mid-sized organizations can fall prey to cybersecurity threats if their IT systems aren't properly safeguarded. Worse yet, CaaS (Cybercrime as a Service) has made it simple for bad actors (a slang term for hackers and cybercriminals) to set up malicious applications, rent servers and develop data storage space, granting them all of the tools they need to steal sensitive information or wreak havoc on an unprotected organization’s network. Committing cybercrimes is easier now than ever before, and more bad actors are jumping at the chance to exploit weaknesses in the IT systems of businesses to create chaos and make a quick profit. Moreover, according to the US National Cybersecurity Alliance, the effects of cyberattacks (including lost productivity, business downtime and the costs needed to clean up the breach) are so devastating that 60% of small companies in the United States go out of business within six months of a data breach. That figure alone should make it abundantly clear why your organization needs to invest in an optimized IT security system. The risks are simply too great to ignore.

Thriveon offers a number of helpful resources to ensure your organization stays one step ahead of bad actors. A partnership with our organization will grant your company access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures and technical defense systems. We can also train your employees on how to correctly recognize and respond to potential threats and improve company policies to guarantee that none of your staff allow hidden viruses or malware to slip into your system. Most importantly, Thriveon will develop and implement several backup and recovery procedures to minimize damage and get your organization up and running again in the event of a security breach.

Note: Download our free e-book on cybersecurity guidelines for more information on cybercrime and what your company can do to avoid it.

Employee Productivity, Satisfaction and Retention

It’s no secret that technical issues and malfunctioning servers can massively impact employee productivity. Without an efficient IT system and access to high-quality technical support, your staff will be forced to choose between doing their best to work around these IT setbacks (likely decreasing the quality of their services to customers or clients in the process) or waiting for the issue to be resolved, effectively bleeding time and profitability. It’s also important to remember that unpredictable and unstable work environments like these breed frustration and dissatisfaction in employees, potentially compelling them to seek out opportunities at different places of employment where they won’t be forced to deal with constant IT problems. Consequently, it’s vital to ensure that your business’s IT systems are running as quickly and effectively as possible to maintain employee performance, job satisfaction and retention.

Whether you’re interested in establishing a completely outsourced IT department or supporting your current internal IT staff, Thriveon can provide your organization with a customized IT service that scales to meet its constantly shifting needs and constraints for a fixed monthly fee. Your new and improved IT system will utilize the latest and most effective technology systems and programs in the industry to maximize employee productivity and satisfaction by mitigating downtime, a core benefit that will boost your company’s bottom line and prevent you from losing talent to competitors due to IT frustrations. Our team of Information Technology professionals will also visit your site regularly and proactively plan system refreshes to avoid disruptions. Last but not least, a partnership with Thriveon gives your staff access to help desk support to manage and address technical problems quickly and effectively.

Improved IT ROI and Predictable IT Costs

At Thriveon, we believe that IT should produce predictable results at a predictable cost, which is why our fixed monthly fee includes access to an Information Technology roadmap that details the key steps your organization can take to increase business value and drive your IT to do more for less. We’ll consolidate your IT needs into a single monthly plan and provide you with a three-year IT plan to guide your technology processes and help you to avoid being burned by bad investments. Best of all, our Proven Process will transform your IT department from an unstable and unpredictable series of expenses into a business function that actually promotes and furthers the goals of your organization.

Partner With Thriveon to Optimize Your Company’s IT System

Optimized IT systems are absolutely essential to the success of organizations in each and every industry, meaning that whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, construction or financial services, it’s imperative to invest in an IT service that combines unrivaled strategy and management to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of your current Information Technology setup. At Thriveon, we provide outsourced IT departments for small to medium-sized companies (20 to 500 computers) with or without internal IT staff, allowing them to keep pace with the constantly changing world of technology and achieve outstanding IT ROI.Download eBook