[Video] Top 10 IT Results Execs Want

Sam Bloedow

When you ask corporate executives what kind of results they want from their IT solution, you're not going to hear them list out tech products and services. They shouldn't need to do that. CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and business owners who are focused on their strategy want IT results that will help them move their business forward.

Read on or watch the video to get the list:

1. Quick response when issues arise.

2. IT should understand our business and how we generate revenue.

3. Our IT investments should be cost effective.

4. We should have a predictable budget for IT.

5. IT should be able to create a plan for the future.

6. IT support shouldn't have any gaps in expertise.

7. We shouldn't be over- or under-staffed.

8. IT should be stimulating innovation..

9. We shouldn't have to worry about cybersecurity.

10. I should be able to focus on my business, not on IT.

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