Using Microsoft Teams as a File Server

Ashley Chambliss
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You are already managing your tasks, chatting, and running meetings in Microsoft Teams. Keep the collaboration going by replacing your current file storing system with Microsoft Teams! The more things you can get done in one platform, the better for productivity, efficiency and collaboration with your team.  

Let’s talk about how and why to use Microsoft Teams as a file server. 

Let’s Talk Files

The files you use - whether they are images, documents or spreadsheets – are important to your business. They are your intellectual property and not only should they be protected, but they should be accessible (by the right people) within your organization. Keep in mind that anyone with access to that Team, will have access to those files within the channels of that Team. This is one reason it’s imperative to set up Teams with their appropriate channels and subsequent files in the first place. And we can help you do that!

In the top of your channel, Files will appear as a tab next to Posts. This is where your folders and files will be stored for each channel in Microsoft Teams.  

Connection to SharePoint 

When a channel is created a SharePoint site is also created within your organization. This is where any files that are shared within the channel become stored. By default, all files shared within Teams will be stored in the General channel – which cannot be removed. SharePoint is primarily for storing documents, so the integration with your Microsoft Teams channel provides the accessibility to collaborate with your team while you’re chatting, meeting or traveling. SharePoint was originally designed around how people save information. With Microsoft Teams, it’s designed around how people work. 

Access Your Files from Anywhere 

The biggest win for using Microsoft Teams as your file server comes when you’re on the go. Historically, you would have to VPN in to access documents from outside the office and you’d use a mapped drive. With Microsoft Teams, you now have the ability to access critical files via any device that has your Teams app downloaded.  

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Where we come in 

At Thriveon, when we’re setting up a client with the full Microsoft Teams experience, and particularly when it comes to using Microsoft Teams as a file server, we start with an entire project plan, then move to the migration and mapping of files - and we do all of this for you! 

The back end of your Teams files is still through SharePoint, but you’ll never need to go there in your browser– everything is accessible right in Microsoft Teams where you are already working! The versatility of Microsoft Teams and the ability to have all of your collaboration tools in one platform is unmatched.  

It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate than it is with Microsoft Teams.Let us help get you to a Modern Workplace with Microsoft Teams.   

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