Using Microsoft Teams as a File Server

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You already use Microsoft Teams to manage your tasks, run meetings and chat with your colleagues. Keep the collaboration going and streamline your workflow by replacing your current file storing system with Microsoft Teams. The more things you can get done in one platform, the more productive, efficient and collaborative you’ll be within your team.

Migrating your files to a new platform may feel overwhelming but that’s where an IT professional can help. One of Microsoft’s strengths is its ability to integrate with other apps. Once your set up your Microsoft file server, you’ll be able to collaborate on team documents with specific teams from anywhere.

Let’s talk about why to use Microsoft Teams as your file server and how you can set up SharePoint to best serve your business.

Find Your Files in Teams

The files you use - whether they’re images, documents or spreadsheets – are critical to your business. Your intellectual property needs be protected, but also accessible (by the right people) within your organization.

In the top of your channel, Files will appear as a tab next to Posts. This is where your folders and Microsoft Teams files will be stored for each channel.

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Set up is crucial so that you place Teams with their appropriate channels and subsequent files from the start. Anyone with access to a particular Team, will have access to the files within the channels of that Team. Thriveon can help you set up your teams and channels properly so that files are available to the right users.

What is Microsoft SharePoint? 

When you create a channel, you also create a SharePoint site within your organization. This is where any files that are shared within the channel get stored. By default, all files shared within Teams will be stored in the General channel – which cannot be removed.

SharePoint is primarily for storing documents, so the integration with your Microsoft Teams channel allows you to collaborate with your team while you’re chatting, meeting or traveling. SharePoint was originally designed around how people save information. With Microsoft Teams, it’s designed around how people work.

Access Your Files from Anywhere 

The biggest win by using Microsoft Teams as your file server is access while you’re on the go. Historically, you would have to VPN in with a mapped drive to access documents from outside the office. With Microsoft Teams, you can access critical files via any device using your Teams app.

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How to Share Files in Microsoft Teams 

Transfer files and set up Microsoft Teams easily with a trusted IT professional. At Thriveon, we start with an entire project plan, then move to the migration and mapping of files. We’ll carefully organize your data transfer so you can focus on work instead of logistics.

Once your file server is set up, you’ll be able to perform all your normal work functions in Teams. If you’ve already been using teams, the flow will be familiar and intuitive. You’ll just have the benefit of all your files integrated to your workspace.

The back end of your Teams files is still through SharePoint, but you’ll never need to go there in your browser. The versatility of Microsoft Teams and the ability to have all your collaboration tools in one platform is unmatched.

Is Microsoft Teams Secure For My Files?

Remote work isn’t going away. Microsoft has upped its security game to ensure your files are safe. Teams is compliant with a range of regulatory security standards to ensure the safety of your data. Teams also comes with two security levels: owners and members. As owner of a team, you can restrict member’s access to certain files. This gives you control within your business and your team.

Of course, security is only as good as your business’ practices. We can help you keep your network secure through training, monitoring and team member best practices. See how our proactive approach keeps business networks secure.

Make Microsoft Teams Your File Server

It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate than it is with Microsoft Teams. Let us help get you to a secure and modern workplace with Microsoft Teams. You’ll spend less time searching and more time doing.

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