4 Benefits of an Outsourced IT Department

Sam Bloedow
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Is There a Better Way to Manage Our Technology?

It is common for business executives and managers to wonder if there is something different that their company should be doing with IT, especially if they have nagging thoughts such as: Should IT management be taking so much of our time? We think our network and business data is secure, but how can we know for sure? We feel like IT is holding us back. Is this what it’s like for other companies like ours? If you are contemplating a change, the reasons to enlist the services of an outsourced IT department should include the following four benefits.

1. Consistent High Level of IT Expertise

When you rely solely on a small internal IT department, you risk having dips in your IT capability when a staff member decides to leave the company. With the retention rate of IT staff at about 2.5 years, it is inevitable that the business will be affected by employee turnover. With an outsourced IT department, you get consistent, high capability that is always available. Additionally, there will be multiple people at the outsourced IT company who will be implementing services so an illness, vacation or emergency won’t disrupt reliability.

2. Reduce Overall Risk

Cybercriminals are attacking small and medium sized businesses now more than ever. Companies need to have enterprise level security not only to protect themselves, but their client base as well. (Read about how cybercriminals gained access to Target through their subcontractor.) A outsourced IT services provider has sophisticated tools designed to protect your company network and data, and provide reporting on attacks and potential vulnerabilities. Overall risk to your business can also be decreased by the ability to have consistent, reliable technology that minimizes interruptions to business processes and operations.

3. Improve Technology ROI

Because of economies of scale, an outsourced IT department will have access to tools that a small internal IT department may not be able to afford. Savings could also result from not having the costs that are associated with a full-time internal employee such as salary, benefits and ongoing training, and as mentioned previously, staff turnover. A managed IT service provider that also offers business level IT guidance is going to direct IT activity and investment at those things that will move you toward your goals turning IT into a strategic driver instead of a piece of overhead. Strategic IT and fully managed services should provide predictable costs with a fixed monthly fee and IT planning and budgeting for the future.

4. Focus on your business

An outsourced IT department will free up your internal resources to focus on your business. Many companies are more efficient and productive when they spend their time doing what they do best, and not trying to be in the IT business as well. Managed services can provide flexibility to scale as your grow, or flow with the seasonality of your business cycle, which also unleashes the freedom to focus on what you do.

What Kind of IT Results Do You Want?

When you are wondering if there is something different that you should be doing with IT, it makes sense to look at all your options. Get our E-Book IT Solutions: How to Choose the IT Support Option to Get the Results and Business Value You Want

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