Outsourced IT Department Fills the Gaps for Complete IT Support

Sam Bloedow
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The average retention rate for your internal IT employee is two and a half years.

Many factors feed into this statistic, but the implications are the same. Employee turnover is expensive, and when you are talking about IT job roles, gaps can affect the productivity and efficiency of the whole organization.

Role Misalignment

High IT employee turnover can be the result of unrealistic expectations. Although your IT employee is educated and has earned some credentials, that doesn’t mean that he or she has the skills that are required to address all aspects of your business information and technology needs. Most people are naturally inclined to follow their interests or their areas of highest skill. For example, a person who likes to work with computer hardware might neglect the need to talk with business leaders about information. Another may be good at fixing problems but never gets around to IT planning that would lessen the need for repairs.

The Right People in the Right Seats

Having the right people in the right seats is the first part of a successful Information Technology plan. Think of these people by the roles they need to fill and you can begin to visualize what an outsourced IT department could do for your company:

  • Firefighter – takes care of problems
  • Builder – builds and implements systems
  • Administrator – keeps servers up-to-date
  • Planner – plans for what IT needs in order to meet business goals
  • Monitor – watches over the health of the network
  • Programmer – specializes in software applications
  • Web Designer – maintains a secure and updated website


Learn how to choose an IT support option based on the results and business value you want - read the article or download the E-Book

Fill All the Roles to Make IT Work for Your Business

Thriveon’s Information Technology Strategy (ITS) fills all the IT job roles for small and medium sized businesses and acts as a virtual IT department for a fixed monthly fee. Some of the businesses with whom we work have internal IT staff and for some we are their complete IT department. You might think that a successful Information Technology strategy would be built on hardware and software, but it actually starts with people - people and a framework for how they are going to deliver what the business needs its Information and Technology to do.

Your Information and Technology should be adding value to your business. It can’t add value when you have to deal with IT employee turnover on a regular basis. If you are ready for a better way to manage your technology, let's talk to see if what we do is a fit for your business.

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