Frustrating IT Issues: Slow Response Times

Ashley Chambliss
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Slow IT response times means less productivity and more frustration for you and your colleagues. Two things you shouldn’t have to deal with on top of the technology issue itself. You have invested in IT resources, whether it be an internal team or an outsourced Managed IT firm, and this investment should not come at the cost of your time. In fact, Managed IT services should exist as part of your IT strategy to free up your time and take IT worries off your plate. If you’re experiencing slow response times, let’s take a look at why and what you should expect instead.  

What is the cause of slow IT response time? 

With reactive IT, the IT provider focuses on keeping the day-to-day running which does not leave time to proactively plan with an IT strategy. This leads to floods of support tickets since issues were not thought of and dealt with beforehand. What do we mean when we say response time? We’re not just talking about an automated scheduling ticket response. At some firms it can take days before issues are even worked on! When we say response time, we mean an engineer’s response and a resolution begins. 

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How is Thriveon’s IT response time different? 

With 100% of issues that come through our door, we have a same-day response time from the IT engineer who begins work on the client’s ticket. For emergency and can’t log in requests, clients see a response from us within 6 minutes. 

We can hit these response time because we have 10% of the number of tickets because we’re not flooded or overrun by support requests. We focus on prevention strategies and work toward the ambitious yet achievable goal of zero tickets and 100% client satisfaction and security. Our clients are ecstatic when they don’t have issues, and technology runs as it should. 

What should I do if there are slow response times?

If your current IT support technicians are slow to respond or have poor ticket resolution time, it is time to look at where the efficiencies and effectiveness are lacking. We believe in a proactive solution to IT, and we can help. Schedule your FREE IT Strategy session to learn more. 


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