6 Signs It’s Time for an IT Change

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Technology plays a crucial role in driving your company’s productivity, innovation and growth. It can improve your reputation, customer experience and employee communication.

Since technology is constantly evolving and improving, businesses can struggle to keep up with these changes. Deciding when to invest in new technology and applications can be challenging – they can cost time and money transitioning.

However, no matter if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business or a large enterprise, knowing the signs that it’s time for an IT change can help you adapt to the evolving technology landscape and maintain a competitive edge while keeping your staff and customers happy.

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1. Outdated Hardware and Softwareoutdated hardware software computer technology

Technology advances rapidly, and using technology over time means it gets slower or can break down. Older equipment and software often have difficulty meeting the demands of modern business operations. Constant patches, updates and maintenance can cost time and money. Plus, older systems don’t have the latest power-saving technology, which can increase energy costs.

Look for signs of slow performance, security vulnerabilities and frequent crashes and interruptions as telltale signs you should invest in new hardware and software.

2. High IT Costs

Your IT budget shouldn’t have a huge amount dedicated to fixing IT systems when replacing them would be more cost-effective; an unstable IT budget can strain your overall finances and prevent you from investing in other parts of your business.

Consider the cost of implementing, maintaining and running old technology vs. new technology. You should save money in the long run by not experiencing downtime and constant IT issues. In other words, if your IT expenses steadily increase without a corresponding increase in value or efficiency, you’re better off paying for the upgrade investments. Look for cost-effective solutions, renegotiate vendor contracts or explore cloud-based alternatives to reduce IT expenses.

3. Inefficient and Unproductive Workflows

Efficiency and productivity are the backbone of any successful business. Employees shouldn’t waste time on repetitive IT tasks and frequent IT-related bottlenecks. Don’t leave them frustrated with slow server time, unreliable technology and downtime.

Streamline workflows with automation and user-friendly applications that promote productivity and efficiency while increasing employee morale.

4. Threat of Data Breaches and Cyber Attackscyber attack data breach threat

Data breaches, cyber attacks and malware are becoming more sophisticated, so you need to protect your data and reputation from cyber criminals. Outdated technology can increase the risk of these threats, especially if they’re missing advanced antivirus or antimalware software.

Keep your systems up to date with security protection and reevaluate your security measures (strong security protocols, properly training staff, investing in advanced security tools) to remove vulnerabilities and holes in your defense. This will also show customers that you value their security and protection.

5. Lack of Scalability

Your IT infrastructure should scale accordingly with your business. Your current IT setup shouldn’t limit your ability to expand or adapt to the changing market conditions. Growing businesses handle more data, resources and event staff, so your technology should accommodate these upgrades.

Cloud computing, automation and virtualization are excellent solutions that help scale your business needs.

6. Struggle to Meet Cybersecurity Compliance

Regulatory cybersecurity compliance requirements are constantly evolving, so you want the right technology in place to meet these compliance obligations or risk facing penalties, reputational damages, cyber attacks and more. Regularly review and update your IT infrastructure to align with compliance requirements.


Thriveon and New IT

Thriveon can help update your IT infrastructure; we examine your systems, hardware, software, servers and networks to see what needs updating and how to maintain your new IT items. Our expertise covers a variety of technology solutions, including implementing Microsoft Teams and meeting cybersecurity compliance.

Schedule a meeting today and see how Thriveon can update your IT infrastructure.

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