3 Questions Every Business Leader Should Ask About IT

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business landscape, information technology (IT) has become critical to an organization’s success and growth. To harness the full potential of IT, business leaders must stay informed of the latest trends and ask the right questions to ensure they’re leveraging technology efficiently.

There are three crucial questions every business leader should ask about IT to see if the company is on the right track or if they need a trusted IT partner – likeThriveon.

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graph-business-financial-investment-risk-wordQuestion 1: Does IT Decrease Risk?

Effective business management is a cornerstone for any successful business. Regarding IT, business leaders need to evaluate whether the technology investments they make reduce potential risks and vulnerabilities. This can include protection against cyber attacks and being cybersecurity compliant.

Suppose your company has sensitive customer data and is vulnerable to security breaches. In that case, you’ll want to partner with someone with robust best practices, such as firewalls, encryption, strong passwords and two-factor authentication. These measures can significantly decrease the risk of data breaches, safeguarding customer trust and preventing devastating consequences.

For example, Thriveon offers extensive cybersecurity compliance services that help expand your competitive edge and maintain proper compliance standards. Our standardized approach means you won’t pay hefty compliance fines, lose revenue or business opportunities or waste time and money.

Question 2: Does IT Reduce Cost?save-word-alphabet-wooden-cube-letters-placed-gold-coin

Cost optimization is a perpetual concern for business leaders. Technology can be a double-edged sword regarding costs, as IT investments can become bloated or fail to deliver the expected returns. Businesses also want to avoid repeat IT issues so they’re not overspending on fixing the same issue again and again.

At Thriveon, our managed IT services align your business with industry best practices to reduce technology issues. Our 500-point IT inspection and team of experts look at your technology infrastructure and identify issues and cost-saving opportunities. We sync your IT budget with your business goals to usher in a new era of efficiency, including streamlined processes, eliminating unnecessary expenditures and cost-effective cloud solutions.

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pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3760613Question 3: Does IT Improve Efficiency?

Operations efficiency is the lifeblood of every successful organization. The right IT solutions can empower businesses to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge in the market. One way to do this is through the implementation of Microsoft Teams.

Thriveon offers managed IT services that include dedicated Microsoft Teams support for your modern workplace. These services can help save over 250 hours per computer user every year. Teams is also a powerful platform to keep your business productive, no matter if in person or remotely – your business can use Teams as a dedicated file server, a full-fledge phone system, a mobile collaboration tool, a project planner and more. This increased efficiency frees up valuable resources and helps streamline data processes, eliminate errors and reduce time-consuming tasks so your employees can focus on higher-value activities.

If You Said Yes to 2 of the 3 Questions…

You should consider working with Thriveon. We can help your organization unlock its full potential as we provide expert-guided and tailor-made solutions to address your needs.

If you’re ready to transform your business through effective IT solutions, contact Thriveon today and schedule a consultation.

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