3 Reasons for the Proliferation of Cybersecurity Threats

Sam Bloedow
cybercriminal ecosystem

Why Cyber Crime is So Easy

If you have wondered why there are so many cybersecurity threats, you have only to look at the way that legitimate business has leveraged technology and collaboration for your answer. It’s easy to market products and services, as well as collect payment. It’s easy to get access to technology tools that can be deployed with little or no technical skills. It’s easy to communicate with others to learn, and collaborate. The cybercrime ecosystem has everything the would-be hacker needs to become involved in the dark web activities that proliferate the internet.

Collaboration in the Cyber Criminal Ecosystem

Social media and online forums are great places to meet up online with people who share interests and this is true for cybercriminals, too. In addition to sharing knowledge, hackers make connections with people with whom they can collaborate for large and complex attacks. Outsourcing of capabilities is common. For example, a hacker who is good at unloading malicious software will collaborate with another who is good at gaining access to machines. Software developers looking to scale their applications can find others who offer development platforms, as well as help in going market on the dark web.

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Access to Technology Tools

Business is going to the cloud these days, and so are cybercriminals. Software developers are leveraging their expertise through web-based platforms instead of just using it themselves to launch independent attacks. Available at affordable prices, through subscription and with guarantees of results, hacking capabilities can be purchased for different types and stages of attack including droppers, exploit kits, and ransomware. Within software services, the capability for automation is delivered which increases the sheer numbers of organizations and people who are potential targets for cybercriminals.

Marketplace Where People Meet and Do Business

Put communication and collaboration together with the demand and supply of products and services, and you get a marketplace. The other element needed here is a way to trade money. Bitcoin is the currency of choice in the cybercriminal ecosystem because it is anonymous, fast, and worldwide. The ability to buy and sell has spawned the development of other roles besides that of hacker or developer. Cybercriminal organizations mirror the structure of a legitimate business and have back-office support, marketing, graphic design, training, accounting, and training along with recruiting and job postings to fill all of the roles.

Awareness of Cybersecurity Threat Environment

The best way to fight cybercrime and avoid becoming a victim is to become knowledgeable about cybersecurity threats, and the strategies that will protect yourself and your company. 

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